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“ACRES” was formed with the sole objective of utilizing the natural resources of the solar system to bring nature and humans closer to each other through the understanding that power generated through the light of the sun is good for not only lighting up our homes, but also our lives and the lives of our children’s through the reduction of carbon foot prints.

ACRES is working in the Renewable Energy Sector ( Solar Roof top, Solar Water Heater and Solar Pump and Lighting ).  Our USP is the use of efficient Solar Power Systems. Our technical team is highlty experienced in providing & the best of solutions and systems based on your needs. We provide end to end solutions in Solar Energy Projects.


Vision : To partnering with societies/commercial establishment in bringing savings through installation of the solar power system for years to come. Our commitment to make an impact on nature and in being a part of the change with you. We assure you of continuous earnings for your society /commercial establishment in the decades to come .


Mission : Our commitment is to make an impact on nature and for being a part of the change to provide cleaner air for future generations of this nation. Our Survey Report of your Premises and Organization to not only reduce the carbon but also show you how solar project create money from it.


Our Experties :

1. We provide Zero Export Controller
2. Our core expertise gives you most Prominent Design
3. We have 12 years of project experience in electrical field
4. ACRES have installed 100 kw + project so you are in THE BEST OF HANDS .
5. Customized design is our expertise to give to optimum out based on availability of space in your premises.
6. ACRES provide you international standards in drawing so that future maintenance become easy.
7. ACRES work with GERMAN based technology to get maximum efficiency of energy output.


What about damage to the society’s property ?

Answer is “NO”.

  • We are using fully Non-Penetrating civil block to structure on RCC terrace.
  • For metal sheets we are using aluminums sections with clamp.
  • We use fully weather proof steel or
  • Galvanized structure which are covered under warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The structure are built to handle wind speed of over 150 Km/hr.



      We execute more than 200 kw of projects.

      Some of Our Valueable executions as follows :

      • Parag Shah (16 kw )
      • Kalyan Banquet
      • Jogeshwari Mosque
      • Mr. Tambekar 
      • Harish Patel
      • Shree Shashwat Apt






      • ETC Solar water Heater is Better performance in winter and cloudy days. No scale formation or no pipe blockage will occur by using salt and hard water .High service density of compressed puf insulated tank retain the hot water up to 48 hrs
      • Efficiency : Evacuated Tube Collector has high efficiency on higher temperaturewhereas Flat Plate Collector efficiency on higher temperature is low.
      • Heat Generation : ETC has a quick heat generation quality
      • Temperature Range : ETC can water heating temperature can range from 60 degree to 120 degree. FPC has a range of 60 to 80 degree.
      • Maintenance : Maintenance of ETC solar water heater is low as the tubes can be cleaned manually and does not require expertise.
      • Cost : ETC solar water heating systems are cheaper than FPC solar water heaters.



      We are giving you Solar panel cleaning service as compliment. This cleaning includes

      • Solar panel coating by GIRAFFA CHEMICAL to get non sticking protection
      • Twice Month cleaning to get regular generation
      • We check inverter health in twice a month. Earthing checking by helf yearly to ensure electrical connections.
      • Cable heating check up on montly basis to ensure power loss should be low.
      • Solar cable connection test on half year basis to ensure solar panel connectivity.
      • Solar inverter checking on quaterly basis to ensure power conversion ratio.
      • From next year all above will be consider in ANNUAL MAINTANCE CHARGES which will be cost as Rs. 15000 chemical cost extra) per year.